The People

Photo of Gary Sancilio
Gary Sancilio

Gary Sancilio is transforming how wealth management is done. Unlike financial service professionals who focus on product knowledge, Gary focuses on knowing his clients personally and building relationships that fuel and inspire the very foundation of our firm.

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Photo of Nicholas Preddice
Nicholas Preddice

Nick Preddice is driven by his experiences to bring exceptional financial security to the forefront of his clients’ families and his own. With an attentive nature and wealth management expertise, Nick strives to help clients find their purpose, and lead fruitful and satisfying lives.

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Photo of James Currier
James C. Currier
Financial Planner

James is a trusted source who is highly skilled at simplifying complex financial situations for his clients. He excels at establishing diverse wealth management portfolios for the individual and family – and is a thoroughly attentive guide for their every goal and need.

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Photo of Julieanna Irwin
Julieanna Irwin
Investment Financial Planning Operations Manager

Julieanna is the backbone of our firm’s administrative and technical duties for all wealth management operations. She ensures that all business is completed in an efficient manner, while also keeping clients at the forefront of our focus and priority.

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Photo of Gary Nicoll
Gary T. Nicoll
Financial Planner

Advancing our team’s mission to guide clients toward realizing their ambitions, Gary strongly values the importance of recognizing each client’s individual financial situation. He is at his best when he gets to advise clients how to tackle pursuits and achieve financial security.

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